Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Ideal Guy

Ooh how I have a thing for you emo boys. You have give off this insanely irresistible bad boy vibe that I find just intoxicating. I have never gone for the jock type. For some reason while all my friends gawked at the most muscularly beefy guy in school, I found that those skinny little nerds hit a chord in my heart that makes me crazy for them. It is so odd, but to me the weak looking skin and bone guys are too cute for me to pass up. They seem so vulnerable; but match that harmless looking boy with an insatiable lust for mischief and you have got me head over heels. It could also could be something to do with that hair of their's as well. Because I think I have an insane hair fetish. So... Because in my moments of complete despairing boredom, I have collected quiet a collection of emo, scene and goth boys I have found on where else but, google. Allow me to show you what i mean:

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